Rediscover (baenigma) wrote,

Just for anyone

Now I have a fanfiction journal. It's primarily star trek.




Feel free to add.

Though be careful if you're under 18. It's got sexytimes and t3h gay. so.
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omg omg ann
omg omg daniela
Best frickin' icon ever.
Mmm, t3h gay <3.

I thought you weren't into the Chekov/Sulu, Kirk/Spock thing. It might not be as good as the stuff I did in my nifty days
LMAO Well I think I'll live without stories of Nick Carter getting it on. Somehow, I'll go on living.
=P So far no gay sexytime fics. Currently it's mostly cuddling.
*giggles* Ann, you are such a dork and I love you for it. :) Added!
*hides head in shame*
Looks like Spock got high (resulting in a psuedo Ponn Farr) after jamming with the space hippies! (Now I know that's totally not how that works nor how you spell it most likely, but whatevs!)

Spock be a pimp, yo!
are you really reading my star trek fics? lol or checking out the st_xi_kink meme? =P
I'm reading all your fics, but I started with that prompt you wrote first. Responding here cuz I'm laaaazy. Haha.
oh dear lord. *hides* be gentle =P
Dude, speaking of star trek dorkness... did you see when I posted this a week or so ago?

that whole episode was dorky